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The Young Investigator Awards, which provide each recipient $150,000 per year over three years ($450,000), are intended to support young scientists conducting medical research to find cures for cancer, heart disease, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, retinitis, and/or macular degeneration of the retina.
The following are the 2021 Young Investigator Award recipients, along with institutions and project titles:

Dr. Lizhen Chen, Ph.D.
University of Texas Health, San Antonio, Texas
Enhancer-Associated Roles YAP-TEAD in Breast Cancer Therapy Resistance

Dr. Lindsey MacPherson, Ph.D.
University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas
Investigating Taste Rewiring During Chemotherapy Treatment

Dr. Bethany Strunk, Ph.D.
Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas
Characterizing a Novel Pathway Associated with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

Dr. Josephina Taverna, M.D.
University of Texas Health, San Antonio, Texas
Targeting AXL-JAK1 in Tumors and Immune Ecosystems of Lung Cancer

The following is the 2021 Pilot Award recipient, along with the institution and project titles:

Dr. Angelina Vaseva, Ph.D.
University of Texas Health, San Antonio, Texas
Vertical Inhibition of RAF-MEK-ERK Pathway in RAS-Driven Rhabdomyosarcoma

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